minimotomayhem 2007

minimotomayhem, digital video, 4:18 min
Clown: Matthew Bradley
Thug 1: Peter Franov
Thug 2: Mark Siebert
Driver: James Dodd

I was interested in exploring how much you could get away with when you stayed within the limits. I had set some basic rules for the projects which were about exploring delinquency; that I not damage anyone's property and that I not put anyone but myself in danger. I started thinking about the very modern cultural phenomenon of professional delinquency as seen in manifestations like Jackass and Crusty Demons. A mini motorbike was installed in the back of a van. So that it could be stated in the van it was hooked up to an exhaust extractor. In a video which included 4 characters, The main character, an evil clown, can be seen fondling and humping the little bike. For this transgression he is soundly beaten by 2 thugs while egged on by the Driver. After this scene the van is driven around the streets, the bike is started up, all 4 characters exit the van with the bike and force it to do burn outs in randomly selected sububan streets. They hold the bike stationary, put a drop of oil beneath the back wheel, drop the wheel on the oil and accelerate the engine while holding the front brake. The rear wheel spins and soon belches out white smoke. when satisfied with the amount of mayhem generated they pile back into the van and move to another location.