Gobi formwork, 2015

Gobi Formwork, 2015, Concrete, perlite, sand, plaster, cast bronze, formply, pine studs, aluminium potassium sulphate, cast polyurethane resin, vinyl numbers, google maps.
400 x 365 x 520cm
installation view, CACSA Contemporary 2015, SASA Gallery

Often material evidence, lays bare the way something was made as well as it's function. Sometimes layers of material abstraction form over mysterious cores, concealing both the evidence and utility of the constructions. Sometimes a thing is not reducible to its material elements nor to any symbolic equation. A thing can have a physicality that is immediately accessible; a materiality that is apparent and evident, apparent to all the senses. It can have its constituent elements analysed weighed and measured. It's form assessed for insight into what might be it's intended function. Patterns and symbols deciphered. Sometimes we encounter a thing about which vast quanta of data can be collected, yet for all this, it's purpose, function and meaning remains entirely mysterious and intellectually insoluble.

Gobi desert, 40.479234, 93.477444