One Hundred Vessels, 2015 - ongoing

- work in progress

After building a working furnace and learning multiple metal casting methods, I set myself the goal of casting 100 unique vessels. Everything, from the original design, the pattern and mold making, making waxes, investing the waxes and then burning them out in a small kiln I also built, melting the metal in home made crucibles, lifting the crucibles with custom made tools and finally pouring the molten metal into the molds, I will do myself, in the back yard.

So far, as far as castings go, many of the vessels have been failures, but it is important to the overall project that they are included in the set. The set of one hundred, when finished, should tell the whole story of my development and gradually improving ability as a metal caster. This journey should be evident in the vessels themselves. There should be evidence of struggle and of failure, there should be evidence of technical breakthroughs as well as observable periods where ambition, inspiration and imagination flourishes. From a practical point of view, the ultimate goal is significant bridging of the gap between what can be imagined and what can be technically produced.