A Forest of Lightning, 2016

Installation views, A Forest of Lightning, Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, 2016

Light pole found at -34.931031, 138.578686, excavated, exhibited at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, then returned and replaced in the exact position it was found, 2016
galvanised steel light pole, dirt, car tyres
1210 x 51 x 350cm

The light pole was found at -34.931031, 138.578686, beneath the Hilton Bridge. The space beneath the bridge is in a narrow margin - between the Westernmost edge of the parklands which encircle Adelaide's CBD, and the beginning of the Western suburbs. The partially buried pole was excavated and moved to the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition it was returned and placed back in the exact position in which it was found.

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There is something non-human doing a lot of the work, 2016
upturned steel frame, Redback spiders, spider eggs, leaves, straw, snail shells, equatorial mount, refracting telescope, fixings
250 x 227 x 246cm

Off-road, 2016
windscreen wiper part, vanilla pods
56 x 1 x 13cm